Relationship counselling supports you to move towards making changes;

Single, married, living together or divorced, gay, straight, bisexual, exploring your sexuality or transgender.

We provide a supportive service where is non-judgement and caring.  We all have different relationships our expectations and ideas may be rooted deep in your family culture, social environmental factors and from our own interruptions.

You can have individual therapy or as a couple of counselling with us, firstly you have to be committed to doing the work to make those changes.

Communication is key as they all say, in a relationship, it can distractive and hurtful, behind closed doors it can be abusive.

Arguments and conflicts can be handled differently our work with you are to open this communication in the counselling space and talk about the pain underneath.

If you have recently broken up and feels you are unable to manage the rejection along with the emotional pain if you are feeling low and isolating yourself.

The break out was due to an affair or they have said it's your personality or maybe it was nothing your ex-partner wants to move on.

This can be from a long term relationship or after a few months.  You may have noticed that the ex-partners have said similar things about you.

Improve on Communication

Let's talk about sex

Building Trust Again

Arguments and Conflicts

Breakups need support end a relationship

Affairs and Betrays

Explorative bicurious

Dating working on your self-esteem and confidence

Let's Talk More About Intimacy

Women to women during menopause

Seniors couples







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