Long-term talking therapy, for the best long term result.

We can untangle and unpick those sub-conscience emotional feelings, thought patterns, behaviours, and the pain feels that sits below the everyday surface.

There isn't a right number of sessions, nor can we estimate when you end your therapy with focused therapy, this can be shorter therapy with 15 sessions.

What we are known for is long-term counselling, this is 6 months to a year of therapy work, more if you need to extend.

We welcome clients to access long-term therapy. We do not limit your need for support in making profound changes in your psychological health.

The counselling space is nothing like any other space for those who have not had therapy.

It may be a daunting idea to engage with, do start by telling us that you're nervous you may find that it is a normal response and that we too feel nervous speaking to you for the first time -we are all human after all.

We know and trust talking counselling changes the quality of individual lives.

It prevents families and relationship breaking up, help clients express and talk of their emotions for the first time, changing and build on flexible psychological blockages to engage in what we desire and wishes for ourself, reduces and prevents risks and self-harm.

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Agreements: Terms & Conditions

  • We only provide weekly therapy, your appointments are at the same every week, your sessions are 50 minutes long, our work is online.
  • Cancellation notice is 24 hours before your appointment, if you cancel on the day of your appointment you have to forfeit your full fee.
  • All Counsellors and Psychotherapists have regular supervision with a clinical supervisor, to discuss their work. This is how we can improve our ideas, approach in our work, the aim is to provide a high-quality service. All the recordings are anonymous, all names or any details that may identify you would not be included. Your confidentiality will be maintained and respected. The recording may be transcribed or used as written study case used towards the trainee’s training. All electronic recordings would be destroy/deleted after the work was completed.
  • If you disclose that you are at risk of harming yourself, I will need to discuss the situation with my clinical supervisor and may need to contact other professionals in order to support you fully. If you disclose that you are at risk of causing harm to others, I will need to discuss the situation with my clinical supervisor and may need to contact other professionals in order to support you fully
  • To agreed to pay the agreed fee on a monthly bacs via bank transfer. To adjusted your fee according to cancellation notice. All fees most be paid up before your final session, and agreed that 20% interest fee will be added on top of your outstanding fee. If there's not responds we will ask a recovery compnay to contact you directly to recover your unpaid fees.
  • We work with transparency and honesty if you wish to make a complaint or a suggestion about our counsellor or about the service please contact us, this is private and confidential.
  • £38  1hr comprehensive assessment before your first session.
  • £40 Working with the Super Junior Team.
  • £80-£120 Working with the Super Senior Team.

Learn Self-help for deep relaxation.

Are you restless throughout the day but have trouble getting to sleep? Learning self-hypnosis is an important part of empowering oneself with tools and skills to calm the mind, to relax the body to rest and restore your energy.  Restoring energy is what we do when sleeping, it prepares us for the next day, we perform better, we will look better and our thinking is sharper.

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