Student Counsellor and Psychotherapist Placements

UK-based trainee counsellor or psychotherapist, welcome to Talking Counselling. Aligned with BACP, UKCP, COSRT, BPS, NCS, and ethical frameworks, our online placement offers tailored support, engaging with 3-4 clients weekly, gaining valuable hours, and enjoying bi-weekly supervision. Join us in shaping impactful therapeutic experiences.

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Volunteer Placement Aplication

Clinical Supervisor Placement.

Join Talking Counselling as a supervisor, guiding 2-4 junior counsellors in flexible bi-weekly sessions. As a volunteer trainee supervisor, contribute unique skills to support diverse counsellors. Join us in nurturing diversity, ethics, and professional development.

In this one-year commitment, supervise and guide junior counsellors, fostering a safe, co-creative space for growth. Dedication ensures quality learning, with administrative support and team guidance. Uphold professionalism and ethical standards as a valued supervisor.

Supervisor Placement Application

Diversity, mental health and group therapy counseling support meeting, healthy conversation and wellness. Psychology counselor, psychologist help people and talk about anxiety, depression or stress.

Personal therapy for Students.

For students seeking affordable therapy while studying, we understand its value in the academic journey. We offer low-cost access to therapy, we will match you with counsellors who are able to support your needs.  Your privacy is a priority as we support your personal and professional growth, empowering you to prioritise mental well-being alongside your education.

Personal therapy for Students

Join Talking Counselling Qualified Counsellors

Join us as a partner in our growing company. If you have your practice and seek referrals, be part of our supportive team, growing and thriving together. Enhance your practice, providing client support online and face-to-face. Talking Counselling values equality and diversity; our culturally woke team speaks various languages, from Welsh to Vietnamese.

Our online platform revolutionises access to talking therapies throughout the UK. We're excited to grow and welcome new practitioners and partnerships. Together, let's extend our reach and positively impact lives in psychosexual therapy, eating disorders, couples therapy, bereavement, and complex trauma, addressing anxiety and depression across the UK.

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