Relationship therapy


Our relationship with others says everything about ourself – it’s vital to our human make up, it does not come naturally we have to invest, develop this health meaningful relationships with others, it continuous effort yet a rewarding evaluation of self worth, places us with a time and a place in our happiness with the people in our life.

If life was like this our relationships will just simply peaceful and joyful  but of course we are complex creatures, there are other layers in our joy, the disappointment, the pain, fear, shame, the fragmented relationship that we get stuck in a period of our life, in our feelings, in our thoughts, why it has happening to us ?  Because of the neglected (emotional, physical) relationship leaves us feeling vulnerable, alone, stuck and shamed –  our natural defence mechanism keeps us locking in our sadness, anger, negative thoughts, lack of confidence in a lonely place within our body and mind.

Getting help, Anh at Talking Counselling will work with you to build this inner relationship with you, working at your paste, slowly with trust, with kindness, without judgement you can share talk work and build on what you really want to be, what you truly want to say, where you want to be in the future… relationship therapy can be difficult work just remember Anh is there with you throughout your work together. Any questions do ask me?

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