Online counselling provides accessible support for various challenges, including anxiety, trauma, depression, eating disorders, relationships, and bereavement.

Living with anxiety is challenging, causing worry, fear, and panic. Constant fear leads to agitation, embarrassment, and social avoidance, fostering powerlessness. This hampers life goals, contributing to issues like phobias, OCD, or substance use.

Depression brings profound sadness, hopelessness, and anxiety, affecting joy and interest. Physical symptoms like fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, and body pains emerge. Altered behaviours impact appetite, sleep, and social engagement. Concentration and decision-making may suffer. Severe cases elevate the risk of self-harm and suicidal thoughts

In our couples therapy and psychosexual support, we create a nurturing space for partners facing challenges, promoting better communication and understanding. Expert guidance addresses intimacy issues, fostering healthier relationships. Our dedicated professionals provide personalized strategies, aiding couples in reconnecting and building stronger, more fulfilling partnerships.

Our discreet approach enshrines your privacy and confidentiality.

Emotional trauma affects feelings, thoughts, and physical health, leading to anxiety and depression. Some may have intrusive memories, avoiding triggers and withdrawing emotionally. This can result in loneliness, self-blame, and guilt. Remember, it's not your fault. You are important.

Bereavement is unique, with no prescribed way to grieve. Loss is universal and can cause distress, nightmares, emotional outbursts, and disruptions in daily life. Grief, especially after a traumatic loss, may result in physical pain. Some may sense the departed, a natural response as the brain processes the loss. Join us to discuss your lost loved one, share feelings, and navigate emptiness and sadness together.

We can help through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in counselling, fostering a healthy relationship with food and addressing eating disorders. This involves exploring triggers, promoting self-acceptance, and developing coping strategies. Our focused approach supports individuals on a transformative journey toward a healthier change and improved well-being.

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