“you don’t have to struggle on your own”

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You can expect support, kindness, a non-judgmental working relationship.

Working together we can explore your emotional challenges, working through issues from the past to the present.

Talking and share those painful feelings your negative and overwhelming thoughts.

We are a super team to sit with in the therapy. 

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We are Committed, Respected & Trusted Counselling Service

Are you ready to start therapy?  

Can you commit to 50 minutes with weekly counselling sessions?

We are client-focused, committed to working together to build on a trusting working relationship.  

We will work together side by side in the therapeutic work.

It's supportive, trusting and it is a respectful working space for all to work with Talking Counselling. 

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Quick Simple To Access To A Therapist

There is no waiting list after your assessment, it's two weeks before your start your first therapy session.

Contact us for a free initial consultation, we will explain our services, how we can help and support you.

From here you can book an assessment appointment, our dairy is flexible to accommodate your working schedules.

The assessment is 1-hour and it is £38.

You Don't have to Struggle on Your Own.

Affordable & Low-Cost Counselling

Talking Counselling is a private counselling service.

Our fees are affordable to ensure you gain the best in long-term therapy. 

A non-judgement service, for all to invest in good mental health.

With a goal for better mental health and good outcomes.

We select and match you with the right counsellor from our super team

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Available appointment: Monday-Saturday 8am to 9pm. Saturday 9am to 5pm. Online talking counselling session.  

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Online counselling service a modern way to staying connected to ourselves. "You don't have to struggle on your own" at Talking Counselling

Talking Counselling offers a precious grounded space in the City of London’s Square Mile in talking therapies.

Opening doors to supporting clients with online therapy, welcoming clients from London and beyond.

Working online is a modern approach to accessing good talking therapies.

We thrive on improving the mental health service for all to access swiftly.

Offering a positive experience for a healthier psychological outcome.

We have a presence within our field, our modern, discreet approach say volume when it comes to privacy & confidentiality.


Are you ready to start therapy?  Booking your counselling appointment is easy.

There is no waiting list at Talking Counselling we deliver swift service for all to access call or text on M: 07960 333256 or email info@talkingcounselling.co.uk 

We usually set up a 1-hour assessment appointment within a few days.

This is charged at £38 and you can start therapy by the following week.

At Talking Counselling our super team are committed to working together with you.

We welcome anyone who needs extra support without judgement.

Whether you’re struggling with bereavement and wants to untangle grief.

Dealing with traumatic life events, feeling depressed, overwhelmed and anxious or needing a counsellor.

Talk in private about your relationship issues, we are here to sit beside you.

We are passionate about delivering an excellent service that is down to earth and approachable.

We will work at a pace that is safe for you, with commitment, respect and trust.

Together we will be looking after your emotional well-being, however despairing, emotionally painful and complex it may feel.

We will sit side by side towards a healthier outcome.

You will be supported throughout our work, we have a team of super Juniors and Senior counsellors and psychotherapists.

And our super-duper team of junior trainee counsellors, we hand select match you to work with.

So “you don’t have to struggle on your own”. Anh Doan

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" You don’t have to struggle on your own "