• Top 5 Regrets from patients death beds.

    It was a shock when I first read nurse Bronnie Ware’s book, she nursed patients to the end of their lives. What I thought is precious is these kind people left or left a gift, nurse Bronnie found there was a common theme to what her patients shared; it did shocked me it woke me Continue reading »

  • Depression puts you a such low position sleep pattern changes lost of appetite the low mood and the lack of motivation leaves you feeling heavy and empty. Not wanting to meet up with friend or even talk to them.  All of this overwhelming emotions are at no fault of your own making so try be Continue reading »

  • Depression

    Depression does not discriminates it can affect us all at any time with sadness, the feeling of hopelessness, shame and of self blame – it is not your fault . Managing depression on your now may have devastating impact on your health, it ripples in to your relationships, family, work, finance – with the right Continue reading »

  • Relationship therapy

    Our relationship with others says everything about ourself – it’s vital to our human make up, it does not come naturally we have to invest, develop this health meaningful relationships with others, it continuous effort yet a rewarding evaluation of self worth, places us with a time and a place in our happiness with the people Continue reading »